American Legion Post 108 Museum

American Legion Post 108 Museum


The Museum is staffed by all volunteers. As such, it is not open during the week. It is open to the public on Memorial Day, Veterans Day, or for other special Post events.

Right now we have more items than we can display. Few new donations can be accepted. We are in a state of reorganization at this time.

If someone wishes to LOAN the Museum an item but keep ownership of it, we can do that.  Every effort will be made to keep it safe. However, its safety is not guaranteed. Exceptions can be made at times for special short-term loans for special items.

School field trips and/or private visits can be arranged.  All items in the Museum are special in one manner or another. As all staff are volunteers we will try to accommodate as many ‘tours’ as possible. Otherwise, please view the Museum on Memorial Day or Veterans Day.

To schedule a visit please call Robert at 209-304- 8770 or 209-223-1269.

Karaoke - May 25th
Starting at 70pm until ....

Karoake Flyer for May 25th

Also, please remember June 3rd is our next Veteran’s Community Blood Drive event.