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Excerpts from the Ledger Newspaper Article submitted by Scout Master Josh Hall:

“The adventurous Scouts of Troop 63, chartered by the American Legion Post 108, traveled to Point Reyes National Seashore to spend four days and three nights backpacking in the wilderness along Northern California’s coastline during their Spring Break 2023 vacation.”

“These Scouts have been preparing for this backpacking trek for months. During several Troop meetings, Scouts learned what type of equipment, clothing, and food they would need for the backpacking. They also learned how to properly pack their backpacks, set up their backpacking tents, and use the backpacking stoves to prepare them for their adventure.”…




“These Scouts knew it was going to be even more challenging with the wet and windy weather, but they took on the challenge with confidence, knowing that they were well prepared and going to have a lot of fun with their friends.”…

“The hike was challenging, but the Scouts did great! They helped and encouraged each other along the way. The Scouts were able to see a small herd of elk grazing nearby. They quickly set up their tents, and cooked a late lunch before taking some downtime out of the rain in their tents. The rain stopped, and the Scouts came outside for some fun! The Scouts played games, threw the frisbee back and forth, and walked to the edge of the bluff to see the ocean before cooking dinner, relaxing, and going to sleep.”

During this three-day trip there were many challenges with weather and nature’s own obstacles, but overcoming these challenges individually and as a team has created memories of overcoming adversity with confidence that will last a lifetime.

If you have a boy or girl who is 11 to 18 years old in Amador County, wants to have fun in the outdoors, develop teamwork and leadership skills, and make new friends, then have them join Troop 63! Contact Scoutmaster Josh at 916-761-3115 for boys, and Scoutmaster Gina at 209-781-6603 for girls.

Point Reyes National Seashore Backpacking Trip – 2023

Scouts Ocean Trip 2023
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